You buy with your eyes, if a pack looks right,
it will sell, if it doesn’t, it won’t. Enough said!

Food, drink, products, boxes, bottles, labels, stickers
and much, much more.

Our process

The reason that our pack designs work is because of our method. We ask a lot of questions about the
product, the market and the competitors. This then tells us how best to pitch the design, and what
information is required to make it jump off the shelf and into your customers basket!


Hey, did you know…

Some products are sold in two or three different packaging
designs. The exact same product but aimed at different
audiences, with sometimes very different prices!

Packaging case studies

Cleverly cost effective stamps

Budget: £570
Timescale: 3 weeks

Result: Big tasties were trying to
get noticed in a competitive
butchers market, they needed help.
Utilising craft paper and word
templates to allow the client to print
labels themselves. This clever use of
budget helped them look much more
established than their competitors.

3 bespoke sauce labels

Budget: £1520
Timescale: 6 weeks

Result: Although passionate they
were unable to get into potential
stockists, so they came to PHd.
The design embodies the full flavours,
as well as grabbing the imagination of
stockists. Three labels started the
range, featuring illustrations from the
sauces country of origin.

Various labels and point of sale items

Budget: £2280
Timescale: 10 weeks

Result: Sinclair identified that their
brand, packaging and promotion
wasn’t getting them noticed.
Packaging, point of sale, presentations
flyers, signage and more helped
opened up doors to buyers nationally
and internationally increasing sales
more than anyone could have hoped.

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