With the ever-changing world of the web,
intuitive design is crucial to making
complex digital solutions easy to navigate.

Website design, e-footers, powerpoint templates and
presentations, application interfaces, software user
interfaces, word templates, social media content, video
graphics, animations and much, much more.

Our process

Websites are tricky… The coders know how to see the matrix but can’t see the world
through customers eyes. Us designers know how to make it easy to navigate and look
great, but have no idea how to code. So we split the tasks, we’ll design, and they’ll code!

Hey, did you know…

Mobile users have now surpassed desktop users. So when
designing a website, it’s key to build in versatility to allow it to
function great on both.

Digital case studies

Simple social media content

Budget: £190
Timescale: 1 week

Result: The branding we’d done for
them was looking great, but they
had to get their message out there.
Social media is a powerful tool for
publicising your company. They said:
‘Getting PHd design to help with this
task saved Realty Law time and money,
as we just took the hassle away.’

Versatile presentation templates

Budget: £950
Timescale: 3 weeks

Result: Cygnia’s presentations are
key, but they were slow to create
and looked visually uncompelling.
Cygnia’s presentations are now easier
to create, more impressive and
engaging, and more targeted. This
helps create a compelling argument to
use them, time and time again!

Website redesign and re-structure

Budget: £1900
Timescale: 10 weeks

Result: Reduce the clicks, be easier
to use, be more intuitive and look
more modern… quite some ask.
Their MD Ian Richardson said: ‘Not only
does the new site look much better
than the old one, bookings per day
received through the new site has
significantly increased, thank you.’

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