It’s a busy world, so it’s key to get your messages
over in a concise, engaging and quickly
digestible method… The infographic.

Icons, maps, graphs and info for use on packaging, leaflets,
exhibitions, online, advertising, presentations and much, much more.

Our process

Infographics are fantastic tools to make information, any information, easy to understand, engaging, and
memorable. You can pack a lot in too, a 50 page doc can be summarised into one easy to digest visual. They’re
versatile too, put in the effort to make it look good and re-use it on everything from emails to exhibition stands!

Hey, did you know…

Our main sense is vision, and we’ll only remember 5% of
information that we read or hear. However with some
visualisation, we can remember up to 95% of it, which is nice!

Infographic case studies

Series of care instruction graphics

Budget: £1140
Timescale: 4 weeks

Result: Tasked to create visuals that
would function to help show tyre
stockists how to care for tyres.
This job was so well received by the
client that we went on to produce a
booklet around these infographics, to
be used as a ‘bible’ for all major tyre
storage centres throughout Europe.

Tool to explain services on offer

Budget: £1520
Timescale: 6 weeks

Result: Homestead required an
easy way of explaining all their
varied home and garden solutions.
The solution was a home illustration
that shows all the services, simply and
quickly. This helped not only as a sales
tool on direct marketing, but also
served as explanatory tool.

Visual to explain how something works

Budget: £2280
Timescale: 8 weeks

Result: Explaining their innovative
and complex solution proved to be
very difficult, so they needed help.
We created interactive visuals that
were tremendously well received both
internally and externally, and over time
was implemented in presentations,
brochures and website.

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