We have something amazing to tell you,
your business cannot catch Coronavirus.

Studio news 16th April 2020

So while we all personally hide in isolation, coughing
into our sleeves cowering behind gloves and facemasks…
Your company doesn’t have to hide, and shouldn’t,
if it wants to survive…

You have 2 options as a business owner:

Option 1: Embrace being a victim, pause marketing, and possibly fold.

Option 2: Grab the bull by the horns and get your name out there, and survive (and eventually thrive).

If you (and honestly you need to do this) decide to grab that bull and get your name out there you have a few things to consider:

1. Right now, while we’re in lockdown, think of ways of diversifying if your business model is struggling, home deliveries, increased digital presence, vary your product or service.
You can’t afford to hide, make sure people remember you by being visible (all be it digitally).

2. Prepare for the race, when life returns to normal there will be a race for business (things will get cut-throat) and now you need to hone your offering, the way you describe and offer your services and business, the way you look, and you need to have ‘things’ ready to target clients.

Businesses are going to fold, don’t let yours be one.

We want to (and really can) help, even if it’s just a chat and sharing a few ideas, so please get in touch with anyone from PHd design.

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