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Else Solicitors have used our graphic design services since 2012. During this
time, we’ve helped update their brand and implement it on everything from
adverts, brochures and signage to websites and mailers. We’re really proud of the
difference we’ve helped make over the years, have a look:

The sales literature

This folder and suite of 12 brochures, was designed to clarify the services Else Solicitors offer.
Solicitors services can be quite confusing, and not always the most engaging. The solution; simplify
the content, use interesting facts, tips, approachable language, interesting print techniques and
striking bespoke ‘else’ style imagery to catch the eye of recipients.

PHd-Else Solicitors-06

“Given us an edge over our competitors and made a real difference to
the perception of our business both internally and externally.”

Oliver Buckle, Marketing Director at Else Solicitors

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Britannic Fire & Security Systems

Branding Literature Signage Fire & Security Sector

Britannic are an established fire & security systems company based in
Solihull in the West Midlands. Their logo and branding had been
neglected for years, which was tarnishing their image, so they contacted
PHd design to help.

Britannic’s logo was a little dated and had been used inconsistently, as such their visual
image didn’t represent their very professional service. As their company was well known
already we needed to find a way to change their existing logo to look impressive,
trustworthy and sharp, while maintaining recognition of the old logo. This new logo was
then used to great effect on stationery, signage, livery, datasheets and presentations.


“The well received new design uses the same colours, union jack and lion, but
is designed in a way that portrays to Britannic’s clients just how professional
and trustworthy they are. I have to say the new logo makes my old branding
look so dated, I’m very happy with the progression.”

Simon Hawker, Director at Britannic

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Branding Print Design Signage Infographics Care Home Products

Acticare can supply care homes with everything from medical items to
furniture and uniforms. They supply a great range and a great service, but
they needed to have clear and appropriate branding alongside clever
marketing items to win over clientele! PHd to the rescue!

Branding and Infographics

The first stage in the masterplan was to make sure their busy customer
targets recognise Acticare’s quality through their professional branding,
and to understand quickly what they can offer through a series of bespoke
icons segregating their wide range of services visually.


Catalogues & Direct mail

The second stage in our sneaky ploy to win over Acticare’s customers was to
target decision makers with a swish physical catalogue (that’ll sit in the office as
constant reference), and a lovely memorable pack of branded biscuits and a gift
pen… two things that mean Acticare will be remembered! We then created
regular mailers with lovely special offers, to tempt them that little bit more!


Office Signage

The final stage in our scheme was to ensure that when they got meetings with the large
care home groups… that their offices looked great, inspired confidence, and sealed the
deal during contract negotiations! Oh we shouldn’t forget… this new office provided a
rather lovely place for their loyal hardworking staff to work productively within!


“The way our brand image has changed has been incredible and I’m certain it
has set us apart in a crowded marketplace. And what’s more… it’s been great
fun working with you on every step of every project! Thank you all very much
for your input on this project – true representation of innovation!”

Josh Boyman, Head of Client Relations at Acticare

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Branding Print Design Infographics

IST create amazing, industry leading solutions for lighting. They create things that no
one else has ever thought of, they’re terribly clever. However, those of us that are not
quite as academic simply don’t understand what they do! So PHd were brought in to put
everything in nice simple terms to get their customers excited about their solutions.

Our simple down to earth approach helped IST to understand their customers
needs, and make sure their customers understood the value of their
offerings. We then made sure all the information spoke to the reader,
showing solutions to real problems they struggle with every day.

We have now created a range of brochures for different services, folders, infographics,
handouts, stationery and a few product / service brands. These have all created sales
wins, and our working relationship now is one of real trust. We’re treated as an external
marketing team working with them, not just for them.

“Having worked with the team at PHd design for a number of years we have
been impressed by their insights into customers minds and what will make the
difference between a contact and silence. This simple logical approach has
helped us win business with their clean, powerful designs at the forefront.”

Nina Archenhold, Sales & Marketing at IST

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