Branding Packaging Infographics Digital Lock Manufacturer

Kubu created something that warns you if you (or a loved one) have left your doors
unlocked, an ingenious system with lots of benefits. However with no real
competitors or existing similar products, the market needed to understand why
they needed this, and why they should be excited… PHd to the rescue!

This project had a few aspects, we needed to create a website design to get
fitters, stockists and customers interested. This had to contain infographics to
clarify this slightly complex solution. From there we created packaging for the kit
to arrive in. Then finally infographic instructions to be used on the app and in the
packaging to get everything fitted, up and running and locked up tight.

Kubu Bespoke Logo Design

“Thanks for popping over, we love working with you guys you make
everything logical, and it looks so great!”

Ryan Bromley, Director at Kubu

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Top Gun Tours

Digital Infographics Travel & Adventure

UK based firearms events company Top Gun Tours asked PHd to
redesign their website to reduce the clicks, be easier to use, be more
intuitive and look more modern… quite some ask.

PHd-Top Gun Tours-02
Website Design Agency Birmingham

Websites can often be difficult to use unless you are a geek or the person who
created it. Often this is forgotten which is just what happened to Top Gun Tours,
who turned to PHd to resolve this.

New structure, logical information, delete double ups, change the visual hierarchy,
design for phones initially, new simplified graphics, logical info trail and an overall
new skin combined together to improve ranking, improve length of visit and above
all improve orders… quite some result.

Top Gun Prague Bespoke Logo Design

“Not only does the new site look much better than the old one, it is more engaging and more
informative to customers due to the way PHd have structured the design and the information flow.
After just a couple of weeks of the new site going live the total number of bookings per day
received through the new site has significantly increased compared to the previous site.”

Ian Richardson, Director at Top Gun Tours

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Branding Print Design Infographics Solar Powered Surfboards

Sunfing is ingenious, a surfboard with a solar panel built in to go on the
top of classic campervans etc. It charges **it up and looks cool,
however it’s not immediately obvious to their customers. So they
needed something to look cool, stand out and be understood at shows,
which is why they employed the services of us clever lot at PHd!

At shows Sunfing wanted something to explain how the surfboards worked to
charge your camper van etc. So we created a cost effective leaflet that can
be cut and folded up to create a little campervan with a sunfing on top! It got
people lining up for a leaflet, helped understanding and spread the word!

Bespoke Flyer Design Birmingham

sunfing charges it up Bespoke Logo Design

“Our target audience love great design and are a fun lot… So really
who else could we go to, PHd created sexy visuals that were
engaging and humorous, drawing in our customers, and at the
right price, thanks to the whole team.”

Caroline Davies, Director at Sunfing

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SE Controls

Branding Print Design Digital Signage Infographics Manufacturing

SE Controls create wonderful solutions to help naturally ventilate buildings, for
comfort and fire safety reasons. They deal with large contracts, and their
competitors are huge (really huge) players. So to compete they needed PHd to
step in and make them look the part, so that customers believed that they were
every bit as good as the big boys (or indeed the big girls).

How we’ve helped make SE Controls look sharp, considered and capable is by making a very
clear set of rules during their re-brand. These make sure all the design aspects work together
effectively to create a strong design similarity on everything from vehicle livery to datasheets,
adverts and brochures. The hard work at the start helped make everyone’s life easier, and even
our simplification of technical information helps customers grasp more, and then order more!

SE Controls Bespoke Logo Design

“From a design perspective they approached everything with a technical knowledge
and understanding that really helped guide us in the right direction, whilst taking into
account our concerns and preferences and as a result we have had great feedback on
the new designs. Thanks to all of the team for their help and support.”

Becky Blackmore, Marketing Director at SE Controls

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Scoop ‘n’ Shake

Branding Packaging Infographics Print Design Signage Restaurant & Takeaway

This delicious company came to PHd as they wanted their puddings and
milkshakes to look tasty! We were only too happy to help, and the brand
we created is one of our favourites, working fabulously and looking
delectable on everything from menu’s, cups, and building livery.

The branding focused on clean soft lines, with visuals of both the ice
cream scoops and the straw of the milkshakes built in. The vibrant
colour scheme was used to add vitality and to represent all the crazy
flavours available. We added infographic icons to the branding to make
understanding the options, and ordering that little bit easier… Yum!

Scoop and Shake Bespoke Logo Design

Branding is important to everyone, but especially in food and drink
when you have to make passers by have a physical reaction (hunger and
thirst), and that’s what this project delivered. ‘Love the branding,
thanks PHd design’.

Kuldip Mahem, Manager for Scoop ‘n’ Shake

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Purecloud Solutions

Infographics Branding Telecoms & Communication

Purecloud is full of very clever people creating clever new ‘things’.
However sadly these were a little tricky for us normal humans to
understand! Our job was to understand, translate and show customers
why they need what Purecloud are creating… we love these puzzles!

The great thing about this infographic (other than giving them a tool to
explain what they could do, how it worked, and what benefits it
offered) is that once created it could be used everywhere. This went on
to be used on office signage, livery, emails, adverts, exhibition stands,
leaflets and I doubt that’s where it’ll end… it’s proved to be really useful!

pure cloud solutions bespoke logo design

“Really appreciate the time you took to make sure you understood what
we do, a world away from previous designers we’ve used, thank you.”

Darren Lake, CEO & Founder at Purecloud

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Maguire Jackson

Branding Infographics Print Design Signage Estate Agents

Maguire Jackson have been with us since their inception in 2005. With PHd
functioning as their on call design department, they’ve gone on to (according to the
honourable Rightmove) be the biggest estate agents in Birmingham. Our design
work has been admired by their customers and competitors, and we’re always looking
to find ways to keep them leading in this rather competitive marketplace.

My oh my, we’ve done a lot of design since creating their hand crafted logo all those years
ago. We’ve developed ways to target individuals, investors, developers, sellers, vendors
and landlords through fun, serious or educational (dependent on the recipient) leaflets,
adverts, brochures and much, much more (more than you’d care to read about). We love
you guys at Maguire Jackson, we hope to still be working with you in another 15 years!

Maguire Jackson Bespoke Logo Design

“PHd design have been at the forefront of our marketing since we started. The attitude of
all the staff at PHd is first class; a ‘can do’ mentality and willingness to go the extra mile
continues to assist us in our marketing needs. We are continually impressed with the
application of the team at PHd, their knowledge base and advice we receive. PHd have
become an ‘external marketing department’ for us and we now see them as our partner.”

Philip Jackson, Managing Director at Maguire Jackson

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Branding Infographics Home Improvement Services

If you get asked a lot, “what do you do”… then you need something to explain it all
easily. In this case a visual map of company services. With a large range of
services on offer, Homestead required an easy way of explaining all their varied
home maintenance and improvement solutions, which we had huge fun with!


Their logo was making them look trustworthy but to make them understood the
solution was a visual one, a bespoke and simple home illustration that shows all
the services, simply and quickly. This was created in an easily editable method so
that the visuals could be tailored to suit different regions, and marketing pushes.

Home Stead Bespoke Logo Design

“The brand and the infographic helped not only as a sales tool on direct
marketing, but also served as an explanatory tool for use when talking at
networking events and to clients directly. Brilliant!”

Mike Sellers, Director at Homestead

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Hilton Foods

Signage Infographics Food

Office signage / presentation for major sales pitch
Hilton had a 4 hour meeting to demonstrate how their facility, their
knowledge and expertise could help Tesco and in doing; win a lucrative
5 year contract. The ‘steaks’ were high, the time short, but we knew we
could solve their rather daunting problem.

Their office was transformed: meeting rooms brightened by window graphics of grassy fields.
Hallways vibrantly illustrated Hilton’s focus on ethical traceability of food, where farm to table was
visually represented, alongside messages showing customers thoughts on this issue. Five
fictitious families were created to demonstrate the main shopper demographic splits.

Their interests, finances and shopping habits were demonstrated through mock up profiles,
kitchens and fridges. A virtual reality cinema (featuring real reclaimed Odeon seats) showed the
predicted shopping habits of the future. In the final room we created a modern, funky meeting
room, highlighting how they’ve evolved as a company, and how this equates to benefits for Tesco.

Hilton Food Group Bespoke Logo Design

They got the deal! This secured over 1000 jobs for the next 5
years! Hilton now use this approach globally to similar
success! “Thanks to the whole team for their creativity and
hard work over such a short time frame”.

Grace Shearer, Marketing Manager at Hilton Food Group plc

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Else Solicitors

Branding Print Design Infographics Digital Signage Legal Profession

Else Solicitors have used our graphic design services since 2012. During this
time, we’ve helped update their brand and implement it on everything from
adverts, brochures and signage to websites and mailers. We’re really proud of the
difference we’ve helped make over the years, have a look:

The sales literature

This folder and suite of 12 brochures, was designed to clarify the services Else Solicitors offer.
Solicitors services can be quite confusing, and not always the most engaging. The solution; simplify
the content, use interesting facts, tips, approachable language, interesting print techniques and
striking bespoke ‘else’ style imagery to catch the eye of recipients.

PHd-Else Solicitors-06

Else Solicitors Bespoke Logo Design

“Given us an edge over our competitors and made a real difference to
the perception of our business both internally and externally.”

Oliver Buckle, Marketing Director at Else Solicitors

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