Kingston Noble

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Kingston Noble was started to do recruitment… but better! Their aim was always to
do more for companies, do more for individuals, do more to get people into jobs.
As such their brand needed to shout (not whisper) their imagery be loud (not quiet)
and above all have a whole heap of character… as such they turned to PHd design.

Kingston Noble needed to stand out, their Logo started this bold and in your face approach.
But the branding was where the character, colour and vibrancy came to life. From their tone
of voice and bold typography, to their colourful photography everything we designed
(from their website to their business cards) had character.

Although all this vibrant design made Kingston Noble incredibly eager to show their new brand to the world.
The real aim was to grab the attention of employers and employees and to put all other recruitment
agent out of their mind. It’s early days, but we’re pleased as punch to see that their trust in PHd’s design skills
seems well placed as they go from strength to strength.

“So pleased with the way PHd approached our branding. They took the time to understand what we stood for, and delivered the perfect solution.
On our other marketing material and website they went above and beyond, helping us with messaging and imagery,
allowing us target our audience in a really clear, concise and appealing way. Their hard work and clever thinking
has given us such a boost, and set us up to lead the market for years to come.”

Nikky Brand, Co-Founder & Director of Kingston Noble

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Choice CBD

Branding Packaging Digital CBD Products

CHOICE was launched in 2019 to give people a trustworthy, UK based and legal way to
buy CBD and benefit from it’s physical and mental health advantages. CHOICE needed
to stand out from the crowd and re-assure those in need that CBD could help, and
distance the brand from the preconceptions related to cannabis and getting high!

The first thing we needed to do was get the brand right, it needed to show customers
that this is a medical product, made to a chemical formula, and dosed out legally to help
professionals. The chemical formula for Cannabidiol is C21 H30 O2 which we included
in the brand using bespoke clean and uncluttered typography and alongside a stylised
symbol for the hemp leaf made for a brand with trustworthy feel.

Choice CDB Oil Branding

The next job was to apply the logo to marketing materials, website and a range of
packaging for bottles and tubs. All of these followed a clean and uncluttered style to
help visually represent the virtues that CHOICE hold, and built reassurance in their
brand. Testimonials and Certificates of Analysis were sourced to help prove the
benefits and traceability of the product.

Choice CBD Bespoke Logo Design

“We had a choice between two top 100 design companies (one big London agency &
PHd design), so pleased we went with PHd. We love the wrap around idea on the label
and packaging, and the depth and look of the boldness of the font / icon.”

Danielle Waller, Brands Director at Choice

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Top Gun Tours

Digital Infographics Travel & Adventure

UK based firearms events company Top Gun Tours asked PHd to
redesign their website to reduce the clicks, be easier to use, be more
intuitive and look more modern… quite some ask.

PHd-Top Gun Tours-02
Website Design Agency Birmingham

Websites can often be difficult to use unless you are a geek or the person who
created it. Often this is forgotten which is just what happened to Top Gun Tours,
who turned to PHd to resolve this.

New structure, logical information, delete double ups, change the visual hierarchy,
design for phones initially, new simplified graphics, logical info trail and an overall
new skin combined together to improve ranking, improve length of visit and above
all improve orders… quite some result.

Top Gun Prague Bespoke Logo Design

“Not only does the new site look much better than the old one, it is more engaging and more
informative to customers due to the way PHd have structured the design and the information flow.
After just a couple of weeks of the new site going live the total number of bookings per day
received through the new site has significantly increased compared to the previous site.”

Ian Richardson, Director at Top Gun Tours

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SE Controls

Branding Print Design Digital Signage Infographics Manufacturing

SE Controls create wonderful solutions to help naturally ventilate buildings, for
comfort and fire safety reasons. They deal with large contracts, and their
competitors are huge (really huge) players. So to compete they needed PHd to
step in and make them look the part, so that customers believed that they were
every bit as good as the big boys (or indeed the big girls).

How we’ve helped make SE Controls look sharp, considered and capable is by making a very
clear set of rules during their re-brand. These make sure all the design aspects work together
effectively to create a strong design similarity on everything from vehicle livery to datasheets,
adverts and brochures. The hard work at the start helped make everyone’s life easier, and even
our simplification of technical information helps customers grasp more, and then order more!

SE Controls Bespoke Logo Design

“From a design perspective they approached everything with a technical knowledge
and understanding that really helped guide us in the right direction, whilst taking into
account our concerns and preferences and as a result we have had great feedback on
the new designs. Thanks to all of the team for their help and support.”

Becky Blackmore, Marketing Director at SE Controls

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Else Solicitors

Branding Print Design Infographics Digital Signage Legal Profession

Else Solicitors have used our graphic design services since 2012. During this
time, we’ve helped update their brand and implement it on everything from
adverts, brochures and signage to websites and mailers. We’re really proud of the
difference we’ve helped make over the years, have a look:

The sales literature

This folder and suite of 12 brochures, was designed to clarify the services Else Solicitors offer.
Solicitors services can be quite confusing, and not always the most engaging. The solution; simplify
the content, use interesting facts, tips, approachable language, interesting print techniques and
striking bespoke ‘else’ style imagery to catch the eye of recipients.

PHd-Else Solicitors-06

Else Solicitors Bespoke Logo Design

“Given us an edge over our competitors and made a real difference to
the perception of our business both internally and externally.”

Oliver Buckle, Marketing Director at Else Solicitors

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