Olde Peculiar

Branding  Print Design  Signage Country Pub

In the village of Handscare, Staffordshire, you’ll find a great pub and B&B called the
Olde Peculiar that’s been serving pints since 1700! During the COVID-19 Pandemic the pub had
to turn off the pumps and close its doors. By taking advantage of their unfortunate situation,
the Olde Peculiar decided it was time to rebrand and chose PHD to help them!

After a good old brainstorm (at the pub of course), it was time to get to work.
Firstly we created a logo that perfectly captured the history and antiquity of the pub,
We then used this to give the pub a makeover, installing new signage to the exterior and
surrounding area, including traditional hand painted features to the walls of the building.

We then took things a step further and created new menus, interior menu boards and various
way finding signage through out the building. The Olde Peculiar is now back open and doing
what they do best, quenching the thirst of all who come and go through the village.
Obviously we had to go down there on official business to check it all out! (to drink beer).

“We’re very proud of our village pub, being established in 1700 we have a lot of history,
character and appeal, but our image looked a little tired. Now… with the help of the team at PHd,
our new logo, branding and signage grabs people’s attention, complementing our already superb venue.
We’re so please with the sensitive re-brand perfect for us, and our customers!”

Corinne O’Donnell, Owner

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Branding  Accountancy Firm

Fruition Accountancy was created by a group of established and respected accountants, who shared a passion for
helping their clients to understand their finances, become more profitable and then keep more of those profits.
They decided to branch out and form a company where their ideals could be brought to Fruition!
Needing to look professional and a little different, they obviously came to us to get their branding looking just right.

We helped them come up with everything to get them started.
From comping up with the name, and helping register it.
Through to branding concepts that were realised onto material to launch the company to
prospective customers, signage at their two offices,
Letterheads, leaflets, business cards, website, social media, e-footers and much much more.

“When we completed an MBO of our Accountancy practice, we had no hesitation in asking PHd to do our branding for us.
They did not disappoint as we worked together through a range of ideas for our new name and once we had that PHd gave
us a number of options of what we should look like. Once we made the final decision we were delighted with the end product and
are really proud of our branding. PHd took the time to understand all our needs, and found the perfect balance for us all,
we are now a brand that looks professional and attractive to our clients and prospective Clients. Thank You”

John Moore, Director at Fruition Accountants

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Branding Packaging Infographics Digital Lock Manufacturer

Kubu created something that warns you if you (or a loved one) have left your doors
unlocked, an ingenious system with lots of benefits. However with no real
competitors or existing similar products, the market needed to understand why
they needed this, and why they should be excited… PHd to the rescue!

This project had a few aspects, we needed to create a website design to get
fitters, stockists and customers interested. This had to contain infographics to
clarify this slightly complex solution. From there we created packaging for the kit
to arrive in. Then finally infographic instructions to be used on the app and in the
packaging to get everything fitted, up and running and locked up tight.

Kubu Bespoke Logo Design

“Thanks for popping over, we love working with you guys you make
everything logical, and it looks so great!”

Ryan Bromley, Director at Kubu

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Kingston Noble

Branding  Print Design • Digital • Recruitment

Kingston Noble was started to do recruitment… but better! Their aim was always to
do more for companies, do more for individuals, do more to get people into jobs.
As such their brand needed to shout (not whisper) their imagery be loud (not quiet)
and above all have a whole heap of character… as such they turned to PHd design.

Kingston Noble needed to stand out, their Logo started this bold and in your face approach.
But the branding was where the character, colour and vibrancy came to life. From their tone
of voice and bold typography, to their colourful photography everything we designed
(from their website to their business cards) had character.

Although all this vibrant design made Kingston Noble incredibly eager to show their new brand to the world.
The real aim was to grab the attention of employers and employees and to put all other recruitment
agent out of their mind. It’s early days, but we’re pleased as punch to see that their trust in PHd’s design skills
seems well placed as they go from strength to strength.

“So pleased with the way PHd approached our branding. They took the time to understand what we stood for, and delivered the perfect solution.
On our other marketing material and website they went above and beyond, helping us with messaging and imagery,
allowing us target our audience in a really clear, concise and appealing way. Their hard work and clever thinking
has given us such a boost, and set us up to lead the market for years to come.”

Nikky Brand, Co-Founder & Director of Kingston Noble

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Choice CBD

Branding Packaging Digital CBD Products

CHOICE was launched in 2019 to give people a trustworthy, UK based and legal way to
buy CBD and benefit from it’s physical and mental health advantages. CHOICE needed
to stand out from the crowd and re-assure those in need that CBD could help, and
distance the brand from the preconceptions related to cannabis and getting high!

The first thing we needed to do was get the brand right, it needed to show customers
that this is a medical product, made to a chemical formula, and dosed out legally to help
professionals. The chemical formula for Cannabidiol is C21 H30 O2 which we included
in the brand using bespoke clean and uncluttered typography and alongside a stylised
symbol for the hemp leaf made for a brand with trustworthy feel.

Choice CDB Oil Branding

The next job was to apply the logo to marketing materials, website and a range of
packaging for bottles and tubs. All of these followed a clean and uncluttered style to
help visually represent the virtues that CHOICE hold, and built reassurance in their
brand. Testimonials and Certificates of Analysis were sourced to help prove the
benefits and traceability of the product.

Choice CBD Bespoke Logo Design

“We had a choice between two top 100 design companies (one big London agency &
PHd design), so pleased we went with PHd. We love the wrap around idea on the label
and packaging, and the depth and look of the boldness of the font / icon.”

Danielle Waller, Brands Director at Choice

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Titanic Brewery

Branding Packaging Brewery

Titanic sink a drink or two, they’re a great little brewery on the rise! They’d
always understood the importance of how their branding, beer bottles, pump
clips etc looked. But they came to PHd to take that to the next level… Getting
people drinking more (responsibly of course), we were only too excited to help!

We love working with Titanic, we’ve proved that our ideas work for them and
we now operate in rather blissful partnership with Titanic to help create
everything from beer kegs, bottle labels, can designs, pump clips through to
marketing material. The best ideas come to you in the pub!

As often is the case with our longterm clients, we now operate as an invaluable
extension to their marketing team. We’re there when they need us and they can
always rely on our creativity, individuality and flair for delivering practical
solutions, we’ve just started working on their range of bars, watch this space.

Titanic Brewery Bespoke Logo Design

In response to our first job together, updating the brand and pump clips
they responded: “They are perfect and my directors love them, we love
it, thank you… thank you for your patience, you have been a star. That’s
a massive help, they look great.”

Amy Vickers, Marketing Director at Titanic Brewery

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Tile Rite

Branding Print Design Packaging Manufacturing

Tile Rite deal with everything tile except tiles! So if you need great grouting or lovely
levellers, they have you covered. In a traditional industry that still dealt with people, we
identified an opportunity for them to really stand out in their industry by simply looking
‘rite’ and clarifying everything ‘tile’… Something lacking from their competitors: Simple!

Bespoke Brochure Design

Our first job with Tile Rite was to redesign one of their main sales tools: their huge
catalogue. We showed them that this document could be so much more than just
a list of products and it now functions to really educate and engender customers
to the ‘Tile Rite’ way, creating loyalty, custom and sales. From the success of this
we’ve now moved on to creating brands for some of their more special ranges of
products, along with marketing material and sample packs… yay us!

Tile Rite Bespoke Logo Design

In regards to the catalogue we did Tile Rite said they were:
“So pleased with them, they look great and make the range
look and feel very professional.”

Laura Harbidge, Commercial Director at Tile Rite

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The Sly Old Fox

Branding Print Design Signage Pub & Restaurant

This ‘theatre bar’ – adjacent to the hippodrome in central Birmingham was a little
tired, surrounded by discerning customers with lots of alternatives available to
them. They new what us clever folks at PHd could do for pubs and restaurants to
shake things up and help bring in customers. So they gave us a call.

The branding

for this venue needed to fit in with the lovely traditional building, but bridge the gap to appeal to a
wider audience. With no real existing branding in place, we had no constraints and went for a 100%
bespoke new logo, blending a time-honoured old world look with a fun branding scheme to a create
a homely ‘proper’ pub ‘vibe’.

The hoarding

is a vital way of building interest while somewhere is being built (or in this case re-fitted). It’s a huge
advert, that appeals to the curiosity in all of us. We cleverly used large panels to give huge coverage,
without having to actually cover all the hoarding. All the design and details used our branding
alongside sneak reveals of what was coming to stir up anticipation for the big launch.

On the menu

They needed a clear, compelling menu design. The menu changes regularly, so the design
needed to be versatile and easy to update while looking delicious to customers. The simple
segregations of food types, quality illustrations and classic typography helps to set the tone
for this old style ‘proper’ pub restaurant.

The Sly Old Fox Bespoke Logo Design

“We’ve worked with PHd many times… Another fantastic job, it does
exactly what it should while looking great. Thanks so much.”

Keith Williams, Marketing Director at The Sly Old Fox

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Branding Print Design Infographics Solar Powered Surfboards

Sunfing is ingenious, a surfboard with a solar panel built in to go on the
top of classic campervans etc. It charges **it up and looks cool,
however it’s not immediately obvious to their customers. So they
needed something to look cool, stand out and be understood at shows,
which is why they employed the services of us clever lot at PHd!

At shows Sunfing wanted something to explain how the surfboards worked to
charge your camper van etc. So we created a cost effective leaflet that can
be cut and folded up to create a little campervan with a sunfing on top! It got
people lining up for a leaflet, helped understanding and spread the word!

Bespoke Flyer Design Birmingham

sunfing charges it up Bespoke Logo Design

“Our target audience love great design and are a fun lot… So really
who else could we go to, PHd created sexy visuals that were
engaging and humorous, drawing in our customers, and at the
right price, thanks to the whole team.”

Caroline Davies, Director at Sunfing

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SE Controls

Branding Print Design Digital Signage Infographics Manufacturing

SE Controls create wonderful solutions to help naturally ventilate buildings, for
comfort and fire safety reasons. They deal with large contracts, and their
competitors are huge (really huge) players. So to compete they needed PHd to
step in and make them look the part, so that customers believed that they were
every bit as good as the big boys (or indeed the big girls).

How we’ve helped make SE Controls look sharp, considered and capable is by making a very
clear set of rules during their re-brand. These make sure all the design aspects work together
effectively to create a strong design similarity on everything from vehicle livery to datasheets,
adverts and brochures. The hard work at the start helped make everyone’s life easier, and even
our simplification of technical information helps customers grasp more, and then order more!

SE Controls Bespoke Logo Design

“From a design perspective they approached everything with a technical knowledge
and understanding that really helped guide us in the right direction, whilst taking into
account our concerns and preferences and as a result we have had great feedback on
the new designs. Thanks to all of the team for their help and support.”

Becky Blackmore, Marketing Director at SE Controls

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