Titanic Brewery

Branding Packaging Brewery

Titanic sink a drink or two, they’re a great little brewery on the rise! They’d
always understood the importance of how their branding, beer bottles, pump
clips etc looked. But they came to PHd to take that to the next level… Getting
people drinking more (responsibly of course), we were only too excited to help!

We love working with Titanic, we’ve proved that our ideas work for them and
we now operate in rather blissful partnership with Titanic to help create
everything from beer kegs, bottle labels, can designs, pump clips through to
marketing material. The best ideas come to you in the pub!

As often is the case with our longterm clients, we now operate as an invaluable
extension to their marketing team. We’re there when they need us and they can
always rely on our creativity, individuality and flair for delivering practical
solutions, we’ve just started working on their range of bars, watch this space.

In response to our first job together, updating the brand and pump clips
they responded: “They are perfect and my directors love them, we love
it, thank you… thank you for your patience, you have been a star. That’s
a massive help, they look great.”

Amy Vickers, Marketing Director at Titanic Brewery

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