Tile Rite

Branding Print Design Packaging Manufacturing

Tile Rite deal with everything tile except tiles! So if you need great grouting or lovely
levellers, they have you covered. In a traditional industry that still dealt with people, we
identified an opportunity for them to really stand out in their industry by simply looking
‘rite’ and clarifying everything ‘tile’… Something lacking from their competitors: Simple!

Our first job with Tile Rite was to redesign one of their main sales tools: their huge
catalogue. We showed them that this document could be so much more than just
a list of products and it now functions to really educate and engender customers
to the ‘Tile Rite’ way, creating loyalty, custom and sales. From the success of this
we’ve now moved on to creating brands for some of their more special ranges of
products, along with marketing material and sample packs… yay us!

In regards to the catalogue we did Tile Rite said they were:
“So pleased with them, they look great and make the range
look and feel very professional.”

Laura Harbidge, Commercial Director at Tile Rite

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