The Stage Bus / Box

The Stage Bus / The Stage Box

Branding Infographics Digital Stages for Events

These devilishly clever folks create event stages (loaded with lights, sound
and equipment) that fold out of buses, trucks, cars and shipping containers,
they’re fabulous! They came to PHd design to help them get the recognition
they deserved, we got their branding looking as good as their creations, and
found ways of explaining the benefits to their customers.

We started by re branding their two divisions, using visuals that helped
explain what the company did. We then investigated what they actually
did, to help translate their offering into something everyone could
understand and appreciate, placing all this onto two compelling website
designs to help convert interested parties into loyal customers!

The design for their brand, and their websites went down a storm,
helping them clarify their offering and target their audience. They said:
“Hit the nail on the head, you’ve really thought about this, really does
everything we need.”

Andrew Teverson – Director at The Stage Bus

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