Branding Print Design Infographics Solar Powered Surfboards

Sunfing is ingenious, a surfboard with a solar panel built in to go on the
top of classic campervans etc. It charges **it up and looks cool,
however it’s not immediately obvious to their customers. So they
needed something to look cool, stand out and be understood at shows,
which is why they employed the services of us clever lot at PHd!

At shows Sunfing wanted something to explain how the surfboards worked to
charge your camper van etc. So we created a cost effective leaflet that can
be cut and folded up to create a little campervan with a sunfing on top! It got
people lining up for a leaflet, helped understanding and spread the word!

Bespoke Flyer Design Birmingham

sunfing charges it up Bespoke Logo Design

“Our target audience love great design and are a fun lot… So really
who else could we go to, PHd created sexy visuals that were
engaging and humorous, drawing in our customers, and at the
right price, thanks to the whole team.”

Caroline Davies, Director at Sunfing

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