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Purecloud is full of very clever people creating clever new ‘things’.
However sadly these were a little tricky for us normal humans to
understand! Our job was to understand, translate and show customers
why they need what Purecloud are creating… we love these puzzles!

The great thing about this infographic (other than giving them a tool to
explain what they could do, how it worked, and what benefits it
offered) is that once created it could be used everywhere. This went on
to be used on office signage, livery, emails, adverts, exhibition stands,
leaflets and I doubt that’s where it’ll end… it’s proved to be really useful!

pure cloud solutions bespoke logo design

“Really appreciate the time you took to make sure you understood what
we do, a world away from previous designers we’ve used, thank you.”

Darren Lake, CEO & Founder at Purecloud

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