Newell Palmer

Newell Palmer

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Not all financial advisors are equal, and generally we don’t think too highly of
them in the first place! So if you’re a company that goes out of their way to help
and is always going the extra mile, then you’ve got a job to do to convince all
the sceptics! The solution we used was a case study, a real example of
how Newell Palmer go about their work to make your life easier.

The best method to explain their ethical credentials was via an
infographic that showed some of the lengths (in geographic terms) and
depths (in paperwork holes) they would go to, all in layman’s terms that
the average person could understand. This was used to aid discussions
when staff were out trying to win contracts… to great effect!

We really enjoyed drawing on Newell Palmers passion and enthusiasm,
and creating something that helps them to show why they’re different
and better, they said “can’t thank you enough”, and then they said it again!

Darren Mason, Financial Adviser at Newell Palmer

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