Lil Darlin Cocktails

Lil Darlin Cocktails

Packaging Cocktails

An infamous cocktail bar in Australia wanted to sell 3 of their best
selling drinks as mixer kits in shops around the country. After a search
for a local designer failed, they found a group they could trust in PHd
design, just 10581 miles away in the UK! See the results, just the tipple!

The style we created worked consistently across the set, and laid down the
scene accordingly. But we don’t just make sure it looks good enough to sell,
we also made sure the instructions were clear (even to a drunk person!)
including markers on the label to allow accurate measurements for the drink.

This project was a pleasure, translating their vision and experience into
something we knew would help target and tempt their prospective
customers. “We’re on track, thank you for this, getting very excited now.”

George Williams, Director at My Lil Darlin

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