Branding Packaging Infographics Digital Lock Manufacturer

Kubu created something that warns you if you (or a loved one) have left your doors
unlocked, an ingenious system with lots of benefits. However with no real
competitors or existing similar products, the market needed to understand why
they needed this, and why they should be excited… PHd to the rescue!

This project had a few aspects, we needed to create a website design to get
fitters, stockists and customers interested. This had to contain infographics to
clarify this slightly complex solution. From there we created packaging for the kit
to arrive in. Then finally infographic instructions to be used on the app and in the
packaging to get everything fitted, up and running and locked up tight.

Kubu Bespoke Logo Design

“Thanks for popping over, we love working with you guys you make
everything logical, and it looks so great!”

Ryan Bromley, Director at Kubu

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