Kingston Noble

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Kingston Noble was started to do recruitment… but better! Their aim was always to
do more for companies, do more for individuals, do more to get people into jobs.
As such their brand needed to shout (not whisper) their imagery be loud (not quiet)
and above all have a whole heap of character… as such they turned to PHd design.

Kingston Noble needed to stand out, their Logo started this bold and in your face approach.
But the branding was where the character, colour and vibrancy came to life. From their tone
of voice and bold typography, to their colourful photography everything we designed
(from their website to their business cards) had character.

Although all this vibrant design made Kingston Noble incredibly eager to show their new brand to the world.
The real aim was to grab the attention of employers and employees and to put all other recruitment
agent out of their mind. It’s early days, but we’re pleased as punch to see that their trust in PHd’s design skills
seems well placed as they go from strength to strength.

“So pleased with the way PHd approached our branding. They took the time to understand what we stood for, and delivered the perfect solution.
On our other marketing material and website they went above and beyond, helping us with messaging and imagery,
allowing us target our audience in a really clear, concise and appealing way. Their hard work and clever thinking
has given us such a boost, and set us up to lead the market for years to come.”

Nikky Brand, Co-Founder & Director of Kingston Noble

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