Branding Print Design Infographics

IST create amazing, industry leading solutions for lighting. They create things that no
one else has ever thought of, they’re terribly clever. However, those of us that are not
quite as academic simply don’t understand what they do! So PHd were brought in to put
everything in nice simple terms to get their customers excited about their solutions.

Our simple down to earth approach helped IST to understand their customers
needs, and make sure their customers understood the value of their
offerings. We then made sure all the information spoke to the reader,
showing solutions to real problems they struggle with every day.

We have now created a range of brochures for different services, folders, infographics,
handouts, stationery and a few product / service brands. These have all created sales
wins, and our working relationship now is one of real trust. We’re treated as an external
marketing team working with them, not just for them.

Integrated System Technologies Bespoke Logo

“Having worked with the team at PHd design for a number of years we have
been impressed by their insights into customers minds and what will make the
difference between a contact and silence. This simple logical approach has
helped us win business with their clean, powerful designs at the forefront.”

Nina Archenhold, Sales & Marketing at IST

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