Branding Infographics Home Improvement Services

If you get asked a lot, “what do you do”… then you need something to explain it all
easily. In this case a visual map of company services. With a large range of
services on offer, Homestead required an easy way of explaining all their varied
home maintenance and improvement solutions, which we had huge fun with!


Their logo was making them look trustworthy but to make them understood the
solution was a visual one, a bespoke and simple home illustration that shows all
the services, simply and quickly. This was created in an easily editable method so
that the visuals could be tailored to suit different regions, and marketing pushes.

Home Stead Bespoke Logo Design

“The brand and the infographic helped not only as a sales tool on direct
marketing, but also served as an explanatory tool for use when talking at
networking events and to clients directly. Brilliant!”

Mike Sellers, Director at Homestead

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