Hilton Foods

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Office signage / presentation for major sales pitch
Hilton had a 4 hour meeting to demonstrate how their facility, their
knowledge and expertise could help Tesco and in doing; win a lucrative
5 year contract. The ‘steaks’ were high, the time short, but we knew we
could solve their rather daunting problem.

Their office was transformed: meeting rooms brightened by window graphics of grassy fields.
Hallways vibrantly illustrated Hilton’s focus on ethical traceability of food, where farm to table was
visually represented, alongside messages showing customers thoughts on this issue. Five
fictitious families were created to demonstrate the main shopper demographic splits.

Their interests, finances and shopping habits were demonstrated through mock up profiles,
kitchens and fridges. A virtual reality cinema (featuring real reclaimed Odeon seats) showed the
predicted shopping habits of the future. In the final room we created a modern, funky meeting
room, highlighting how they’ve evolved as a company, and how this equates to benefits for Tesco.

Hilton Food Group Bespoke Logo Design

They got the deal! This secured over 1000 jobs for the next 5
years! Hilton now use this approach globally to similar
success! “Thanks to the whole team for their creativity and
hard work over such a short time frame”.

Grace Shearer, Marketing Manager at Hilton Food Group plc

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