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It’s generally frowned upon to open a bottle of Gin in a shop and take a swig… So if your
customers can’t taste your delicious product, then you’ve got to use design to make people
want to buy it! This new brand needed to work hard to stand out next to the competition,
so we pulled out all the stops, and it’s really worked, have a look for yourself:

The ‘Hearts’ name was chosen because of it’s location in the heart of England, and as it’s
been a real labour of love for their MD. So we used a heart icon, making it from
inter-twinned rope to emulate the staffordshire knot. The crafted visuals and small
batch detailing helps this stand out as a crafted, quality product.

hearts distillery bespoke logo design

“I cannot thank PHd enough for all the help, support and assistance you
have given me on getting this off the ground. Your design is a firm
favourite, and we finally have something that is not “a bag of fresh air”
that’s selling well.”

Rob Miles, Director at Hearts Distillery

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