Dodgy Brews

Dodgy Brews

Branding Packaging Brewery Sector

Dodgy Brews are silly! But sometimes silliness is delightful and makes you happy.
PHd’s job was to take their light hearted approach and show this to customers. We
created an old world look, with many quirky design features and phrases that made
people smile, and as it turns out, smiley people buy beer!

This is a cracking example of why design does make a difference. Don’t tell
anyone, but the beer inside all the Dodgy Brew ‘flavours’ was the same as
another existing beer brand (let’s call it Beer-x). However, despite Dodgy
Brews and ‘Beer-x’ being the same liquid and being sold in many of the same
places, Dodgy Brews sold up to 3 times as much, which is a real design win!

“The reason this out sold the beers these are based on is all about
design, creating something memorable and distinctive. It won a design
award, and actually gets passed around, with people noticing the
humorous design features and wording, so proud.”

Peter Howard, Co-Director at Dodgy Brews

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