Clothing 4

Clothing 4

Branding Print Design Signage Personalised Clothing

Clothing 4 provide personalised clothing ‘4’ all sorts of purposes including
schools, sports, restaurants and general uniforms. They’d searched far and
wide to find a partner to function as an internal design team… without having
to actually employ an internal design team, they found PHd!

PHd-Clothing 4-03

The focus of a great deal of our initial work was to make everything
consistent, as their branding had been neglected for a while and was
confusing to customers. We’ve since updated the look of everything, creating
a memorable and attractive look that can be applied to great effect on
everything from mailshots (both physical and electronic) to shop signage.

PHd-Clothing 4-06
PHd-Clothing 4-12

Starting with branding of the master company, we’re a few years in with
dozens of jobs completed. Clothing 4 state we have: “A very progressive,
dynamic and highly rewarding relationship between our two businesses.”

Clive Wilmot, Director at Clothing 4

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