Choice CBD

Branding Packaging Digital CBD Products

CHOICE was launched in 2019 to give people a trustworthy, UK based and legal way to
buy CBD and benefit from it’s physical and mental health advantages. CHOICE needed
to stand out from the crowd and re-assure those in need that CBD could help, and
distance the brand from the preconceptions related to cannabis and getting high!

The first thing we needed to do was get the brand right, it needed to show customers
that this is a medical product, made to a chemical formula, and dosed out legally to help
professionals. The chemical formula for Cannabidiol is C21 H30 O2 which we included
in the brand using bespoke clean and uncluttered typography and alongside a stylised
symbol for the hemp leaf made for a brand with trustworthy feel.

The next job was to apply the logo to marketing materials, website and a range of
packaging for bottles and tubs. All of these followed a clean and uncluttered style to
help visually represent the virtues that CHOICE hold, and built reassurance in their
brand. Testimonials and Certificates of Analysis were sourced to help prove the
benefits and traceability of the product.

“We had a choice between two top 100 design companies (one big London agency &
PHd design), so pleased we went with PHd. We love the wrap around idea on the label
and packaging, and the depth and look of the boldness of the font / icon.”

Danielle Waller, Brands Director at Choice

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