What is graphic design?

10th February 2022

Neil here, studio lead at PHd Design and I wanted to bring you up to speed on what graphic design actually is…

It’s 25% talking, chatting and nattering to really understanding peoples companies,
1% hot chocolate and cookies, 21% knowing what’ll achieve their goals, 1% spent searching for lost pens pens,
7% finding a way to help people within their budgets, 5% day dreaming, 4% waking up in the night with a ‘bingo’ idea,
4% having a tediously geeky knowledge of fonts, 2% having an equally tedious knowledge of software,
11% bringing ideas into an accurate and attractive reality, 8% taking complicated messages that go on and on and on
and simplifying them so that they are really… well you get the idea…. 1% amends, 1% sharpening pencils, 1% more amends,
2% checking 1% amends, again, 4% basking in the light of of your magnificent glory when it all goes right along with a tiny 1% modesty.

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