A study by the University of St Andrews found that having tattoos can hold you back in life, but they can also help…

Studio news  2nd December 2020

…In very specific ways:
Want to be a surgeon and have visible tattoos, then you’re in big trouble… Want to be a mechanic, then it might actually help.

As soon as the medical student, wanting a place, shakes hands and the tattoos are seen, they’re deemed as unprofessional, and written off.
The mechanic in the same situation somehow is seen as hands on, and willing to get stuck in and dirty, they’re seen as suitable!

Yet surgeons are essentially meat mechanics, why should it make any difference.
It’s all because of lightening quick judgements, made imperceptibly by people who decide your future.

You and your company may be great, fabulous even.
But the quick PERCEPTION of your company is the ONLY way for new customers to decide whether to trust you with work (or not).

That’s why every logo we do is different, a clinical practice, and a mechanics need a different look to attract their clients.

And the reason PHd is so successful in creating branding, is because we spend hours perfecting those almost imperceptible details…
the ones you can’t explain, but that amount to making your clients forget about the ‘tat’ and go ‘oooh’.

As we leave lockdown mode, and re-emerge, the make-up, the beard trimmer, the iron and go forbid even a diet might be needed.
But if you want to make sure you’re company is presentable, please speak to PHd design.

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