Purecloud / UCA – Infographics

The Client

Purecloud / UCA

If you offer technological innovations that no-one’s ever seen before... you’ll find it difficult to explain them to your customers! Thankfully Pure Cloud / UCA came to PHd and we created a couple of simple visuals to give an overview of their services.

The Project


To create something their customers would understand PHd spent a long while investigating Pure Cloud / UCA’s service and translating it into ordinary non ‘techie’ terms. We then helped organise their services into 3 easy to understand ‘chunks’: 1. How you use it. 2. How it works. 3. What it gives you.

The end result was 2 x infographics that the Pure Cloud / UCA team used on promotional material (digital and printed) to help not only explain what their service was, but why it’s so compelling and beneficial.

If this has inspired you, or you want to learn more about what PHd design could do for your business, get in touch today.


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