Louis Barnett – Karamelt Chocolate Bars Packaging

The Client

Louis Barnett

Karamelt is the name for a range of chocolate bars created by the innovative young Chocolatier and confectioner: Louis Barnett. We’ve all had to test these delicious treats in our Barn, the life of graphic designers in Lichfield is a tough one!

The Project

Karamelt - Chocolate Bar Packaging Design

It all starts with a name… Karamelt, half caramel, half melt! We then created a really special logo to help this compete with established competitors. The boxes, created with a bespoke unusual shape, really made these stand out. One end of the box is a cross section of the chocolate bar, and the other a union jack flag to show it’s British flavour. PHd’s creative design, packaging and branding helped get all 6 flavours into shops nationwide that had not been interested before the re-brand.
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