Hilton Foods – Interior Signage

The Client

Hilton Foods

Hilton Foods UK needed to really ‘wow' their main client, Tesco. In order to secure another 5 year contract, they had to demonstrate how their facility, their knowledge and expertise could help Tesco, all within a 4 hour meeting. So the ‘steaks’ were high, luckily they knew PHd, and knew we could solve their rather daunting problem. Oh and did we mention we only had a few short weeks to do everything in? Thankfully we love a challenge!

The Project

Interior Signage

The day started in a fairly standard meeting room, brightened by window graphics of grassy fields, but where all the standard details were re-itterated. This was done to really highlight that Hilton were changing, as from this point on, nothing was ‘standard’. The next hallway vibrantly illustrated Hilton’s focus on ethical traceability of food, where farm to table was visually represented, alongside messages showing customers thoughts on this issue. Then they were led through to areas showing Hiltons understanding of 'Tesco shoppers'. Five fictitious families were created to demonstrate the main shopper demographic splits. Their interests, finances and shopping habits were demonstrated through mock up profiles, kitchens and fridges. A five course lunch was served in keeping with the cooking methods of these 5 fictitious families Then it was on to the virtual reality cinema (featuring real reclaimed Odeon seats) to show the predicted shopping habits of the future. The final room was a modern, funky meeting room created to contrast the initial meeting room, wherein they could highlight how they’ve evolved as a company, and how this equates to benefits for Tesco. As Tesco is a paperless company each executive was issued with a bespoke keyring and USB drive containing video’s, reports and reminders of their ‘big day out’ at Hilton Foods UK. Oh and did we mention that they got the deal? Thankfully this secured over 1000 jobs for the next 5 years!

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