Dodgy Brews – Beer Packaging Design

The Client

Dodgy Brews

Dodgy Brews was a rather average beer that was searching for a method of getting the attention of drinkers. The solution was self-deprecating silliness, and jovial individualism, as it is ‘brewed and bottled by idiots’, but designed to win awards.

The Project

Beer Packaging

The brief for this job was fairly open, ‘sell beer, and make customers laugh’. The resultant brand, packaging & labels for the beer Dodgy Brews won a graphic design award in London, because of it’s distinctive style humorous messages. The titles of ‘fooky nell, dog ruff, knob jockey, snot gobbler’ have produced a beer that’s excelled as gift pack presents at trade fairs and markets. It’s a perfect example of how graphic design can transform people's perceptions.
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