Perception… the most powerful
word in design… probably.

Industry news 13th November 2020

Someone much cleverer than I once said that if something looks right, then it
probably is right. This is so true and the key word there is ‘looks’..

We all buy with our eyes first. We can’t help it, the first sense which kicks in is sight and this is the main driver of huge chunks of our lives. Imagine a meal at a restaurant. This will involve three of our senses; taste, smell and sight. Which one is the first in line to experience that meal? Sight. And if that meal looks fantastic and it is presented well, the message goes to the taste and smell senses and says, “get ready, this is gonna be good”. So they are pre disposed to expect that it will be a good experience and then what happens? Amazingly the meal tastes great, it smells great, all started by the sight.

Sight is the first sense you often use, and it drives the rest to
fall in line.

The same happens in our daily lives without us even knowing. The way we buy goods, the way we choose a route to walk, the way we select a product, service or supplier, and a huge amount of other seemingly instinctive decisions.

When you have a need a new supplier for X, Y or Z, then you go looking, you have a set criteria which is a must and you find four companies that do all of those things. Then you look at their websites, you look at their reviews and you look at their literature… You look.

And if one looks good you can’t help but be drawn to them, they stand up to more scrutiny and they rise above the ones who don’t ‘LOOK’ as good.

If a supplier looks right, they often will be, they have given the right perception and made themselves look like they can cater for your needs… All created by a look, by a designer who can make a difference to their business.

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