It always starts with a sketch…

Studio news 5th August 2020

Some of the best ideas have started as a sketch on a fag packet, napkin,
hotel notepad or worse. It’s about getting the idea down as fast as
possible before the idea disappears into thin air.

We have all had those eureka moments in the middle of the night. You wake up suddenly in the dark with a brilliant idea that will make you millions, convinced that you will remember it in the morning. Then you go back to sleep, and that amazing idea is gone forever.

Design concepts are just the same. It is important to be able sketch these ideas down super fast as and when they come into your head.

This is where all of our designs start out, with an idea sketched down on paper. These initial ideas will usually have annotations all over the place, perhaps suggesting a typeface or a colour that we think would work well. It is all about being experienced enough to understand the challenge, and demonstrate this understanding with quick sketched out ideas. It is also important to be able to talk about the ideas, so that everyone in the room understands them. This is what sketching is all about for us, and each and every project starts with this simple approach.

Professional, experienced design minds look at things differently to you, and can offer quick thoughts on how a message could be conveyed. These thoughts are all sketched out in front of you when we meet… now that is refreshingly different.

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