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Studio news 23rd April 2020

So we’re picking up now, after keeping ourselves busy doing lots of charity and
helping design work, and that’s partly because we’ve been busy marketing.

But it’s also because business’ are starting to realise two things:

1. They can’t just wait this out doing nothing, it won’t work!

2. They need to get busy with their branding and marketing.

But while that’s great for us at PHd…
It could mean something bad for you guys:

YOU may be left behind, if your competitors are working on:

1. Making sure they look good

2. Getting their messages clear and

3. Putting their name out there

they’ll get used, and you won’t so…

Work ON your business
While you can’t work IN your business!

Let us know if we can help, we’ve got the experience to get you working smarter not harder!

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