25 rules to follow to make sure you get a fabulous logo!

25 rules to follow to make sure
you get a fabulous logo!

Studio news 4th March 2019

Design is subjective, however there are a number of quantifiable ways
that you can go wrong, luckily you’re readying this, so you won’t make
any of those silly ‘faux pas’. We’ve been doing this for many years, so
learn from our mistakes, and get a desirable, effective and usable logo!

1. Meet the client
& understand the business’ needs

2. Research about the industry:
more knowledge means better design

3. Think ahead: a logo must
work in different situations

4. Get ideas out of your brain,
the best tool for that: a humble pencil

5. Avoid pixelation,
always create as a vector file

6. Once the concept is clear, use the
computer to try multiple options

7. Analyse carefully and get rid of
everything that’s not essential

8. The logo must work: when reversed…
9. or in black and white

10. A good logo must work
when used really big or small

11. Create an original design,
never copy or imitate others

12. A great logo must be unique,
do not use clip art logos or icons

13. Keep it simple,
do not use special effects or gradients

14. Avoid design trends,
a logo needs to last a good while

15. Respect the hierarchy of information,
the biggest word: the most important

16. Do not confuse the eye,
use two typefaces at most

17. Use different typefaces to help with
hierarchy, readability & interest

18. Text must be easy enough for
even your grandma to read

19. If possible: fit the logo into a square,
avoid obscure proportions

20. Pay attention to details, align items so
it looks considered, clean and neat

21. Use colours, shapes and layout to
ensure the result looks appropriate

22. When evolving a brand…
always keep the key elements

23. Do not use taglines in the logo,
let the logo speak for itself

24. A logo is memorable,
if you can sketch a logo in 5 seconds

25. Now, you know the rules
break them if you want, but always…

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