25 facts about colour to make your life a little more colourful, hope you enjoy!

25 facts about colour to make your
life a little more colourful, hope you enjoy!

Studio news 4th March 2019

Colours add interest, they help differentiate stuff, they evoke feelings,
and to most of us they’re rather pretty! We all have a favourite colour,
and colours mean things, they can warn of danger, stand out, or blend
in… use colour wisely! Did you know these things about colours:

1. Blue is the most favourite
colour in the world.

2. Orange is the least
favourite colour.

3. Men and women see colours differently.

4. Yellow/Red combination makes you hungry.

5. Silver cars are less often involved in accidents.

6. The colour wheel was
invented by Isaac Newton.

7. Bulls don’t hate red, they
are colour blind.

8. The sun’s white, it only looks yellow on earth!

9. 99% of us dream in glorious colour.

10. Your eye can see 7.000.000 different colours.

11. You can see more shades of green than other colours.

12. Red is the first colour a baby sees.

13. Colour affects taste: hot chocolate tastes better
in a orange cup.

14. Orange colour is named after the fruit its original
name is geoluhread

15. Pink suppresses anger and anxiety.

16. Mosquitoes are
attracted by blue.

17. Birds can not see blue,
except the owl.

18. Lobster blood is colourless.

19. Post-it notes originally used yellow scrap paper.

20. The colour of a pepper is no indication of its heat.

21. The most used highlighter is yellow
(which is helpfully invisible when photocopied).

22. Chromophobia is an irrational fear of colours.

23. Dollars are green as the green ink was the cheapest!

24. Black is the absence of colour, it’s not a colour.

25. Colours don’t exist, they are created by your brain!

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