PHd Free Design Competition

Studio news 18th October 2021

This is exactly what it sounds like…
a 100% free graphic design project (wow huh)!

All done by our team of excitable, experienced and award winning creatives at PHd design (a rather fabulous little company ranked inthe very prestigious list of UK’s top 100 designers).
This is going to be a quarterly event, where we offer free design project to an industry that we think needs a little helping hand. Anything from branding or marketing material, through to packaging or signage!

This competition is open to the entire food and drink industry.
So if you feed people (whether in a restaurant, food stall, or supermarket shelf), or if you get people drinks (calling, brewers, distillers, bottlers, and pubs) this is for you. This is your chance to think of the things you always wanted to do but never had the time orthe budget. We want your daydreams, your odd ideas,your game changing plans.

Don’t forget to share this with anyone else in your industry,the more the merrier!

See some of our previous works
for the food and drink industry!

Download the case study

Apply below!

If you have a project in mind, tell us, and you might just get it for free… Good luck!

    Design category of project*
    BrandingPackagingDigitalInfographicsPrint DesignSignage

    The deadline for applications is 19/11/2021.
    We’ll look at all the applicants and choose the most creative, brave, demanding from our point of view. Then we’ll let everyone know (win or lose), and remember… the winner gets a design solution from a top agency for absolutely nothing!

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