Osbourne House logo breakdown

Our work 26th August 2021

It’s Pete here, Managing Directer at PHd design.

Today I want to focus on the structure of a recent logo we created for a property development,
this is to demonstrate some of the thinking that goes into a logo and branding.

Osborne House takes it’s name from the architect who created the look of the frontage and style as it is today,
His name was John Osborne. He started working on this in 1896, which had a hallmark year stamp of the letter ‘W’, which
we added to the logo. Then we included 2 letters of ‘O’ and ‘H’ for Osborne House. This is all designed in a formation which is
using squares with 45 degree corners cut off which is the shape of hallmarks in the late 1800s, The anchor is a jewellery mark
which identifies anything manufactured in Birmingham.

The location address completes the circle which contains the whole logo. This can be used in many
different ways and has a story embedded in it’s structure… So this is the reasoning behind the logo,
and the next slide shows how we can make it shine!

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Sink a few beers!

Our work 9th August 2021

It’s Pete here, Managing Directer at PHd design. I just wanted to share a quick note about a great
project we worked on not too long ago…

Long standing client Titanic brewery ‘had a go’ at creating mini kegs for their ranges of beers, originally having a go at creating
the keg labels themselves, they felt the design could be a lot better as the current design was letting down the brand and possibly impacting sales.
Titanic then asked PHd to get to work, we created various keg designs for all of their different beers, incorporating the main elements from their cans
(that we also designed!). With the new designs complete they ended up selling twice as many as they previously did.

Clever thinking

Collaboration from a strong relationship

Fabulous results

Design made a difference to their bottom line, we would love to do the same thing for your business.

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