‘What should we do for our company christmas card?’

‘What should we do for our company christmas card?’

It’s the same question year in, year out. Every year we’re all surprised to realise that Christmas is coming, as if we were unaware of it’s likely arrival on the 25th December!

Very rarely are we organised enough to have a good company Christmas card ready, and sent out, with any time to spare.

You may be thinking the same thing right now, knowing you need to get one done, but not really sure what to do.

Well here’s some inspiration for you, our Christmas card for 2017, designed to look like a Christmas cracker, but helpfully, and cost effectively, produced out of a simple piece of A4 paper.

It’s got loads of lovely facts about Christmas to hopefully keep your attention for more than a second, and may even be something you keep.

Previous years we’ve done, beermats, make your own Christmas trees, sent out boiled sweets (humbugs) and even donated some goats to African families.

We think it’s a great to use a Christmas card as a way to get our name out there, and remind the world, your customers and your clients that you exist.

If you need any help or inspiration from an award winning graphic design agency, we’d be happy to get our design elves on the case (as long as you’ve been good this year!).

Merry Christmas from all at PHd design, ho ho ho.

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