Fright or Flight challenge

Fright or Flight challenge

Can I start with a question…
How long does it takes to run up 16 floors in a high-rise hotel? 4 minutes? 6 minutes? Longer?

Well our very own Javier Rioja did just that in an amazing 1 minute 9 seconds, yes 1 minute and 9 seconds!!

This all happened last Friday 4th November at the Park Regis hotel in Birmingham. It was a charity event, which was a team effort with Peter Howard abseiling down the outside from the roof, tagging Javier at the bottom, and then his time was recorded at the top.

Peter commented: ’’Abseiling was scary, having never done it before there was a point where you just trust the equipment and the instructors and then its just exhilarating, but Javier is the true hero, one minute nine, just amazing’’.

Javier was unavailable for comment at the top but we think that is totally allowed due to being flat out exhausted!

Well done to everyone who took part in the day which raised almost £14K for St Mary’s Hospice.

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