25 Years On… Welcome to Our Brand New Website

Established in 1992 by my good self, Peter Howard, MD of this illustrious design company, PHd is now one of the Midlands’ longest established design houses, and so to celebrate 25 years in business, we thought that now would be the ideal time to relaunch ourselves online. Hence the new website…

Looking back over the past quarter of a century, it’s clear that the business of design has been totally revolutionised. When I first started out, I was crafting logos and designs in my bedroom, by hand, with a Rotring pen, a drawing board and just my wits to keep me company. Now, even though the cow gum and paste-up tables have been replaced by Macs, software, scanners and printers, I still have my wits about me but now have better equipment to express it with. So, with all this new design technology at our fingertips, designing a new website simply had to be done.

Our old website had served us well for many years but you know when you feel like it’s time for a bit of a change? Well, we thought it was about time and, like with any project, the new website starts with an idea. An idea of how we want to be perceived, how we want to represent ourselves and how we want to showcase what we do best….design.

Together with my trusty sidekick and Creative Director, Neil Sargeant and the highly organised and talented Javier Rioja, we set about the task of redesigning our website and making it something that we can all be proud of. We like to think of ourselves as the Neymar, Messi and Suarez of graphic design but without the outrageous biting habits of the latter. Okay, maybe that’s going a bit far but we’re definitely Premier League and we wanted our new website to reflect this.

A Focus on Design & Personality

At PHd we believe that design is so important that it’s worthy or our full attention. Unlike many so-called full-service agencies who can get bogged down in marketing, sales and what-have-you, we like to keep focused on what we do best, and what we do best is design. We therefore wanted the new website to centre on the work we have done because, after all, the proof of the pudding and all that is really based on what we have achieved for our clients. There’s no point talking a good game if you can’t deliver and we certainly wanted the website to show that we deliver.

As a direct result of getting to concentrate on what we’re best at, we absolutely love what we do. And when you love what you do, it comes across. This means that, aside from our great designs, one of the things that our clients really appreciate is our friendliness and our approachability. In a word – as well as producing great work – we have fun and our clients feel part of that. We hope our new website shows that we are people you wouldn’t mind going out for a drink with and who you would trust implicitly with your project.

A Wide Range of Collaborators

We believe it is our genuine passion to make a positive difference to our clients that drives our success. However, being an independent design company also means we get to take on the projects that particularly appeal to us. This means that we love to work with discerning companies who appreciate quality, understand the importance of design and share our standards of excellence, no matter what industry they happen to represent.

We also love to collaborate. Over the years we have established a great range of contacts who we know and trust and support us with delivering excellence to our clients. From copywriters and social media gurus to photographers and sign writers. If the project calls for it, we know exactly who to turn to and our clients benefit from the added expertise. Take a look at some of our collaborators here.

Who we have worked with

Of course, we also wanted our website to give you some idea of our versatility so here is a short list of some of the great companies and organisations we’ve worked with:

  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Maguire Jackson
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Dodgy Brews
  • ABC Teachers
  • Sinclair Condiments
  • South Staffordshire College
  • Bourbon Smokehouse
  • AYS Logistics

You will find many more here.

So, enough said. We’ve got a new website and we would be rather happy if, when you’ve got a moment, you’d take a look. Better still, if you’d like to see what PHd can do for your business, give us a call today or come on down to the Barn and we’ll have a chat over a cup of coffee and explain exactly why good design means good business.

We look forward to working with you.

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