The Oddball Run 2016

The Oddball Run 2016

What’s this… a trophy? We won!!!

We completed the most challenges silly challenges, but only just… the most fun, busy, and tiring time.
In fancy dress over the Friday and Saturday; We: got arrested, hosed by firemen, accosted nurses and doctors, broke down, fit about 9 dogs in the car, about 7 people in the car, took a train, a plane (yes really), a bus, rode a tractor, did an exercise video, sang 80 ballads, did hand stands, a cartwheel, a backwards roll, got a photo of our team all in the air at once, did a face plant, rode a horse, chased sheep around a field, all got tattoos in a tattoo parlour, had our nails painted by police officers, had a fake tan, changed our hair colour, we did a rally stage in our car (all be it at an embarrassingly slow pace), did a rally stage with a rally driver (at a terrifyingly rapid pace), crossed a ford, went off road, emulated statue poses, rode bikes, took a free kick in a professional football game, hid under bridges, climbed trees, served the public from an ice cream stand, a burger van, a bar, stole another competitors keys, had our car stolen, stickered every other car with PHd stickers, stole a competitors car wheel, wrote oddball in every dirty car and van we could find, visited 24 pubs, found a vicar (ish – he was dead), rode children’s toys in various places, pulled a barmaid, hoovered everywhere we went, ran down tracks pretending to be chased by zombies, made a parking warden smile, increased the number of people on our team with phil (our ‘acquired’ mannequin) and did many, many more challenges.

But most importantly, collectively, we raised over £10k towards the centre for kids in Birmingham! (You still can help the kids by donating some money here)

We’d like to dedicate our spectacular win to our twisted morals, our loose grip on reality, and our lack of shame.

But… thank’s to all who helped organise this fabulous event, thanks to everyone who sponsored anyone in the oddball run, and thanks to everyone who ran in the race (you know… the losers).

And in 2016 we are once again an award winning graphic design agency!

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