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Peter Howard

Ring Leader

Peter started the company back in 1992, with the sole intention of making the world a better designed place. He’s the man to go to if you want your company image looking so good that your clients are slavering at the mouth, queuing up to give you business. He spends most of his days; meeting clients and creating creative proposals. It’s hard to find a favourite but this shows what we do really well.


Neil Sargeant


Although a trained graphic designer, Neil is definitely our resident ‘day dreamer’. He’ll think of creative solutions that no one else will, ideas that manage to solve the unsolvable, resulting in activities that’ll help make your business goals a reality. He also ensures that the ideas are beautifully and accurately implemented… Oh and he has a beard. The ”coolest” job for me has to be this.

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Javier Rioja


Javier is probably most logical and organized creative mind in the country. He ensures all aspects of a job are, beautiful, practical and thought through. He’s great at working with clients to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, and gets the best results imaginable… He only swears in Spanish, Rides bikes and strokes his beard when angry, beware. ”Meat” my favourite job by clicking here.


Tom Davies


Tom has joined the team to experience and learn what makes a successful graphic designer, before heading back to Sheffield for his final year. He loves to scribble out ideas and will go above and beyond to get the best out of a brief.  Tom is also a lover of dress down Fridays… Where ‘else’ would you click for my favourite job.

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Laura Franklin


Laura’s our fixer, she makes sure we have everything we need to get you your lovely graphic design solutions. If there’s a pen run out, letter need writing, unusual items need hunting down for a job… Laura to the rescue! She’s also responsible for us not being buried in job bags, and samples as she tidy’s up around us! I love chocolate, so my ideal job was this.

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John Howard


John is the man at PHd that looks after our money, he keeps us organised and out of the overdraft, chasing you naughty clients that haven’t paid on time. His most important role though is sorting out our payroll, which is why we are always nice to John! His specialty outside of numbers is as our most trusted proofreader. I love facts, so I’m always drawn to this job.


Claire Tolladay

Ink Woman

Our ink lady Claire doesn’t have loads of tattoos, but is always inking things. She’s the expert at putting ink onto paper, expertly printing the weird and wonderful solutions we come up with at PHd design. Experienced and knowledgeable, Claire helps attach practicality and logic to our printing, ensuring top results, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround times. As a printer I love bold simple stuff, so this is my project choice.

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Chris Smith


Chris is a fountain of technical knowledge, the bewildering, befuddling, and baffling world of technical coding are as easy to understand to him as a child’s first nursery rhyme. This makes him invaluable in ensuring all PHd’s online solutions are realistic and problem free. Chris is at least 65% beard, but luckily the other 35% is dedicated to website knowledge. Have a look at my favourite job here.


Paul Painter

Camera Man

Paul’s the man with the ‘eye’ for photography, like a professional sniper he always gets the shot. He works with clients to make sure he gets the images they want, but also uses his extensive experience to make sure they get the photos they need. In a world where everyone has a camera phone, he’s the perfect example of why you should use a professional photographer. For a great example of photography in action click here.


Vaughan Allcock


Vaughan is the man in the know when it comes to getting your company premises, exhibition stand and vehicle seen and noticed. Whether it be bespoke glowing metal and glass wonderments, or a quick pull up banner for that show next week, you can be sure Vaughan’s got the knowledge to help. Look here for a great example of signage.

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Spencer Slater


Spencers our word… writing… person? Or if you ask him: he gets your voice seen and heard in today’s competitive marketplace. He can help you find the words that will turn general interest into sales and keep your customers coming back to you time and time again. See the Else solicitors job for a gem of words written.

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Jodie Cook


Jodie phrases everything she does in 140 characters, such is her dedication to social media, facebook, twitter, linked in and the like. She’s near as damn it, hardwired into the online world, and as such is capable of getting your messages out to an unimaginably large pool of potential clients. I love the south Staffordshire college job, click here to see why.

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