Branding Schemes

Branding Schemes

At PHd design, we understand what makes a great branding scheme. We also understand the difference between branding and brand, and how one can influence the other.

‘Brand’, since you’ve asked, is everything associated with a particular company or product. It’s what you think of when you hear the word Apple or John Lewis or Ferrari. Brands are built up over many years of trading and they can be extremely powerful influencers. They can also be rather fickle, as illustrated by Gerald Ratner ‘jokingly’ describing his products as ‘total crap’, losing millions of pounds in the process and totally destroying his company’s brand.

Branding on the other hand, consists of all the marketing activities and products that attempt to influence that brand. Great branding schemes amount to so much more than just a logo, and they allow you to present a cohesive identity across all kinds of different media, establishing a consistent look and feel for your company and products.

Branding schemes include everything from product names and tag lines to brand advertising and placement, and they consist of the following important aspects:


often at the heart of your brand identity and capable of bringing professionalism and quality to everything you do.

Getting your logo right is an absolute must.


usually connected to the logo, your branding scheme should fit with a well-established corporate colour palette, usually of no more than three colours, very often just one or two.


again, consistency is key, and your typeface will almost certainly be reflected in your logo.


your brand needs a distinctive voice and that comes across in both your visual and your writing style. All the text you use and all the imagery you use – across every application and in every situation – needs to have wholly consistent appearance and style.

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